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Our specialists will craft a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure that will help your business grow in ways your old network can’t!

By now you’ve probably heard of the Cloud and how it is changing the way businesses operate. Not only can it increase collaboration and productivity, but it can also do so all while reducing costs and risk. If you’re looking to migrate your business to the Cloud but are overwhelmed by the options and features, don’t worry! 巴黎人官方 is here to help you find, implement, and maintain a Cloud IT infrastructure that best fits your company's needs.

7 reaons why your retail business needs managed services

Our technicians will quickly and seamlessly deploy a Cloud setup that is tailored to your business and its goals. Your workforce will be able to share and edit files in real time from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Eliminate your hardware and infrastructure maintenance costs, save on energy, and enjoy peace-of-mind with industry-leading secure data centers. You’ll also have access to 巴黎人官方's exceptional management and maintenance services, so your Cloud setup always works as intended.

With Cloud Services from 巴黎人官方, you’ll enjoy

  • Enhanced collaboration, productivity, and mobility for your employees
  • Reduced hardware, energy, and cooling costs
  • Secure data storage with encrypted & redundant backups, with multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Web Design & Hosting, O365 Management, Disaster Recovery & Data Backups
  • Proactive protection & preventative maintenance, stop issues before they become issues
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Boost Productivity by Integrating Cloud

Maybe it isn’t the right time for you to ditch the equipment and fully jump into a Cloud-based solution, and that’s fine! However, odds are that there may be some elements that are much easier to transition to than you would think!

Applications have continued to grow and change as customer expectations evolve.

In fact, it is estimated that over 80% of businesses utilize a Hybrid-Cloud means of operation – keeping some parts of their infrastructure on-site, while utilizing cloud- based solutions to replace older methods. Companies are rushing to transform, adopt Cloud, and leverage AI capabilities to remain relevant. They need to innovate faster and personalize customer experiences – and the key is unlocking the hidden power of data and IT Services.

Jumping into Cloud solutions doesn’t have to be scary. 巴黎人官方 can help build a solution that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shared web hosting services are amongst the most popular types of web hosting, primarily because they are extremely affordable. Shared web hosting provides the plan holder with access to a small part of a web server that is used by hundreds of other web sites. These powerful web servers are split into partitions that are allocated to the web hosting customers. As a shared web hosting plan holder you have access to a set amount of server resources. However, if you need to exceed these limitations then resources are pulled from other partitions on the network to accommodate your needs. Although this process may sacrifices performance and page loading times, it gives you the ability to have unlimited plan features such as bandwidth and disk space.
VPS web hosting is one of the most popular kinds of hosting available, most likely because it offers a perfect balance between affordability and professional functionality. VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, which describes the web server configuration. Web servers are powerful computers that serve information to web pages so that it can be accessed by visitors around the world. When a visitor views one of your web pages they are actually downloading content directly from your web server. A virtual private server is simply a section of a web server that is devoted solely to your web site. VPS hosting is a mixture of shared hosting (the most affordable kind of hosting) and dedicated hosting (the most powerful kind of web hosting).
Cloud VPS hosting is much different than regular web hosting because it utilizes a network of web servers that work in unison to provide server resources to hundreds of web sites simultaneously. Although this sounds similar to VPS hosting it is every different, because there are no limits to the amount of resources that can be allocated to a particular web site at any given point in time. Some of the most powerful web sites on the internet use cloud hosting to transmit data, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, and other massive corporate sites. If you want the fastest possible web hosting for your site then you should consider cloud VPS hosting.